Think the GOP needs a new leader? How about Harmeet?


Attorney and RNC chair candidate Harmeet Dhillon explains why a shake-up in Republican leadership is needed and why she is the best candidate.

After six years of losing the presidency, the Senate, and the House, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has decided to run for an unprecedented fourth term, even after pledging to the RNC members that she would not.

But this time there is be a battle. Harmeet Dhillin is a fiery lawyer with a very clear vision of what is required to bring about a coordinated victory for the Republican Party in 2024. She is experienced in challenging ballot box fraud, and bringing big name suits to defend embattled conservatives. She also gets that the election process needs to be addressed and will ask Scott Pressler to join the fight.

Of course, the big issue facing the Republican party is the caliber of candidates and it must be hoped that Harmeet can do a better job of identifying and supporting the ones that aren’t barking mad, corrupt, unintelligible or otherwise unelectable.

Right now the grassroots of the Republican Party is being called upon to step up and demand accountability and change from its leaders. 

The Chair of the RNC will be elected on January 27th, 2023 by the 168 members of the RNC. To contact your local and state RNC click though on the link in the tweet and Scott has a list of all state electors’ email addresses.