WashPo hilariously reveals it knows lots about wokeism and zero about geography


As Argentina progressed to the final of this year’s FIFA World Cup we can reflect upon the single-issue writers at the Washington Post who feel compelled, as do most progressives, to reduce everything to race.

They ran this article:

Washington Post – Erika Denise Edwards, The Washington Post

Erika Denise Edwards wrote: Why doesn’t Argentina’s team have more Black players? In stark contrast to other South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina’s soccer team pales in comparison in terms of its Black representation.

Her observation is not a new one. In the World Cup Final 2014, observers hurled jokes about how even Germany’s soccer team had at least one black player, while it appeared that Argentina had none.

However The Wash Post has been forced to issue a retraction after Argentinians noted that the country is overwhelmingly white & not obsessed with virtue signaling about race.

In 2010, Argentina’s government released a census that noted 149,493 people, far less than one percent of the country, was Black. For many, that data seemed to confirm that Argentina was indeed a White nation.

The retraction did some math

Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this piece noted that roughly one percent of the Argentinian population was Black according to a 2010 government released census. While the number of Black people cited was accurate, the percentage was actually far less than one percent and the piece has been amended to state that. 

Argentina laughed

La Libertad Avanza, a right-wing populist Argentine political coalition, floored Edwards’ hit piece with a genius response.

Another user commented, [Twitter translation] “The stupid note from @washingtonpost about the lack of blacks in the Argentine team left me disgusted. The United States is obsessed with race, Argentina is not. The United States chose to keep them separate, Argentina mixed them. But they insist on exporting their neuroses.”