RNC demands FEC reopen investigation into censorship of Hunter Biden stories & role of James Baker


The mainstream media’s blackout of the Twitter Files is appalling, but word is getting out anyway. A new Harvard-Harris poll finds that 76% of voters think former FBI official James Baker acted out of politics in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story while at Twitter. (Baker, Twitter’s former deputy general counsel and a key player during the Trump “Russia-gate” timeline, was fired by Elon Musk following revelations regarding his role in handling the release of the Twitter files pertaining to the Hunter Biden laptop story.)

According to FOXNews, the RNC has demanded FEC reopen investigation into censorship of Hunter Biden stories. The RNC claims that by limiting circulation of the New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe Biden’s alleged knowledge of those dealings, Twitter violated federal campaign finance law.

In October 2020, the RNC filed the complaint with the FEC alleging that Twitter’s censorship of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, his overseas business dealings and then-candidate Joe Biden’s alleged knowledge of those dealings amounted to an “illegal corporate in-kind political contribution” to the Biden campaign.

Author and reporter Michael Shellenberger who helped release the latest installment of “The Twitter Files” from Elon Musk, said internal documents showed former FBI officials were so intertwined with the social media giant, they practically had their own communications system. He also says: “Anyone who reads the Twitter Files, regardless of their political orientation, should share those concerns.”