I Made A REALLY GOOD Christmas Dinner For My Family of 5 for Only $21.50 at Dollar Tree


I don’t know if any of you out there need to see this. I bet most of us have enough food, most of us already cook from scratch, and we’re probably not big on processed food. I know that I could make a nice meal for $20 but I love the effort she has gone to make Christmas inspirational.

But I have been broke and I understand the value of stretching a tiny budget as far as possible. The guidance this lady gives could make the difference between munching on cheap snacks or enjoying a “fancy meal” as she likes to call it. I hope there’s a struggling family who can make Christmas a special occasion because they saw this.

MEALS WITH MARIA: This is a really good and elegant Christmas dinner on a budget. With this extreme grocery budget, I’m feeding my family of 5 and making something really spectacular for really cheap. Christmas dinner from the Dollar Tree can really be magical. If you’re broke, just trying to save money, just love the Dollar Tree or don’t have access to a lot of stores, this meal is for you. You will never expect what my imagination creates with only $20 budget. This rivals my Dollar Tree Thanksgiving and is a frugal shoppers dream. Frugal Christmas can be fun and Dollar Tree Christmas 2022 is amazing!