Words to guide us all


“…I don’t have to make white kids feel bad for being white.”

Condoleezza Rice

Remember this? As we move into more r*ce-baiting from the left in 2023, let’s remember that most of us don’t judge on color. But expect the ra*ce-obsessed Left to ramp up claims for reparations from white people, for calls for white people to h*ng their heads in shame for actions perpetrated before we were born.

Also expect us to be berated for failing to bow to their new shibboleth: Tr*nsgenderism. This sad mental issue is being promoted by cynical groups who were no longer able to raise funds to fight “h*mophobia” because conservatives proved we don’t care what you do with your life – we just don’t want you to force us to condone it or become a part of it. Now we have to watch as they advocate for chemical c*stration, bodily m*tilation and pharmaceutical poisoning of children. We will be forced to accept “Library Drag” culture as mainstream instead of the unnecessary s*xualization of small children.

And expect their endless bleating about climate change to be amplified by billionaires in an attempt to impoverish our lives while enriching theirs.