No. 1 Story Of 2022 EXPOSES Deep State


The Silicon Valley monolith that could reach out and destroy a small company like Parler which dared to allow voices a platform that they did not want to be heard was and is the biggest threat to freedom in our nation.  

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter breaks this stranglehold that the institutional left has on speech in America and presumably the world.  

For this, Americans for Limited Government has named Musk’s takeover of Twitter as the most impactful story of 2022.

For years, there has been a debate in conservative circles about what, if anything, should be done about the thought control enforced by the dominant social media platforms: Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Google and Amazon. Subsequently, the Chinese controlled TikTok has emerged as a near dominant influencer in the field of making stupid dances.  In many respects, Musk’s purchase and opening up of Twitter solves part of this problem.

The Twitter emails show clearly how the federal government intelligence agencies have manipulated American thought and the political direction of the country by having these platforms censor content covertly so they could hide from First Amendment violation claims.  Now, due to Musk, the First Amendment right to free speech may be getting some much needed oxygen.  

Between Twitter and the new Truth Social platform, the ability to control thought through a few dominant platforms may be challenged.  At the least, as other social media giants are forced to compete for eyeballs with the rogue Twitter and Truth Social, it is reasonable to hope that they will find themselves less willing to deprive themselves of influencers on the right side of the aisle. 

Controlling thought and the media’s ability to have important stories and news events told is ultimately nothing more and nothing less than an overt assault on freedom. Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase may just have saved America from the government/Silicon Valley collusion designed to deny free thought, by depriving America of free debate.  

This is why Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was named the MOST impactful event in 2022.

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