“They Knew I did Nothing Wrong” says Trump. Should the new Congress keep investigating, anyway?


The Jan. 6 committee has dropped its subpoena of former President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

In light of the imminent end of our investigation, the Select Committee can no longer pursue the specific information covered by the subpoena,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, wrote in a letter to Trump’s attorney, CNN reported.

Therefore, through this letter, I hereby formally withdraw the subpoena issued to former President Trump, and notify you that he is no longer obligated to comply or produce records in response to said subpoena,” Thompson said.

The Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed Trump in October, ordering him to testify and hand over documents. Trump sued to block the subpoena, with the lawsuit calling the probe an “illegal, unfounded, and overbroad records request.”

However the Trump nothing burger is now being overtaken by the news that mystery activist Ray Epps seems to have admitted orchestration of the Capitol “insurrection”.

Should the new Congress dig deeper and find out who is actually behind the events of January 6th? Or should they turn on the old committee and explore the motives driving the Trump hatred?