Forth Biggest Story Of 2022: Intel Agencies Abuse of Power 

Our nation’s intelligence agencies, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been actively engaged in misinformation campaigns designed to influence our national elections.  The Twitter email releases prove that the FBI had a direct, secure one-way pipeline set up with Twitter (and presumably other social media platforms) to influence and dictate what news was suitable for the American public under the guise of stopping Russian disinformation.

In the case of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which directly links then candidate, now President Joe Biden to payments from Communist Chinese Party controlled business entities through his son, Hunter, it is clear that the FBI both knew that the laptop was real (they had it in their possession since 2019 and had interview Biden’s business partner Tony Bobulinski about his and Hunter’s activities) and pushed a narrative to social media companies well before the laptop became public that it was likely disinformation and should be shunned.

In the wake of the Russian collusion lie perpetrated by the FBI and Department of Justice over the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, the smoking gun showing direct, active intervention in what social media giants allow America to learn is both stunning and cuts to the heart of our entire system of governance. 

This is why the abuse of power which threatens the essence of America by our nation’s intelligence agencies is number four on our list of most impactful stories, although it could easily have been number one on the list.

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