Third Biggest Story Of 2022: Biden’s Border Crisis

Illegal immigration is the third largest, most impactful story of 2022.  Since Joe Biden became president more than four million illegal aliens have entered the country with almost a million ‘got aways’ who the Border Patrol caught on camera but not in person.

Our southern border is overwhelmed with an average of 7,500 illegal immigrants daily turning our Border Patrol agents into baby sitters and paperwork processors as they ship these illegal entrants into the heartland.  More than four million illegals have crossed the border since Biden became president as the border serves as a welcome mat with Border Patrol officers as official greeters. 

Governors like Ron DeSantis (FL), Doug Ducey (AZ) and Greg Abbott (TX) have taken actions to highlight the problem and attempt to stem the flow, making headlines as New York City, Washington, DC, and other illegal immigrant sanctuary cities whined about the damage being done by arrival of a few busses carrying fewer than a thousand illegals into their social services system.  Democrats across the nation were up in arms that fifty illegals were sent to Martha’s Vineyard to violate the sanctity of Barack Obama’s adopted hometown calling it an abuse of power by Governor DeSantis, who merely forwarded illegals who had been sent unwanted to his state of Florida by the Biden government.

The Department of Homeland Security under President Donald Trump estimated that there were 22 million illegals in the country when he was in office, now that number has jumped to between 26 and 27 million with millions more on the way.  These numbers are stretching America’s social services systems to the brink, with the crisis threatening to push Americans out of homeless shelters and other social safety net services as those providers become overwhelmed with illegals.

And this flood is arriving with the hope of amnesty, legal work visas and the ability to legally bring relatives over the border using America’s broken chain migration system. 

Even with all this the crisis is understated as the human cost to the illegal immigrants is horrific. The Biden administration doesn’t vet those adults who they are giving custody of minors who enter our country with the consequence of human trafficking and child abuse running rampant across our nation.

The magnitude of this crisis and the unwillingness of leaders from either political party to force the Biden administration to close the border makes illegal immigration the story with the third largest impact on our nation from 2022.

Guest Contributor

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