🚨🚨🚨WARNING: Biden About to Hand US Over to China vis Backdoor

Dr. Peter Navarro has been a voice in the wilderness warning the citizens of the United States about the unlimited war being waged against us by the CCP, as well as a committed advocate for sane public health policies in the face of the pandemic madness. He is clearly angry about the policy decisions of the Biden White House, and for good reason.

Part of the transcript is printed below. The rest is on his substack page.

Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, its February 22, 2023, and in this edition of the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast, I want to sound the alarm over an upcoming meeting at the World Health Organization that may drag the United States deeper into the morass of this corrupt world body, further burden the US taxpayers, and further cede American sovereignty to a puppet international organization controlled by Communist China.

By way of history, at the beginning of the assault on America by the Chinese Communist Party virus a.k.a. Covid 19, in the early part of 2020, the World Health Organization failed miserably in its most important mission – protect the world from the ravages of the pandemic. Consider this timeline:

In early January of 2020, Steve Bannon was launching his now top-rated show War Room Pandemic – note the word “pandemic” in the War Room title. Meanwhile, in late January, I’m going into the Situation Room at the White House arguing on behalf of President Trump AGAINST Dr Anthony Fauci and Mick Mulvaney for the travel ban on China; and, to close the deal, I had to issue a memo that presciently said that a pandemic could likely kill millions of Americans and cost the US economy trillions of dollars. Note again, this early reference to a pandemic.

Not so curiously enough, it would take World Health Organization and its corrupt Director Tedros until March 11, 2020 to actually declare that a pandemic was underway. And we now know that Tedros and the World Health Organization held off to appease Communist China which was doing everything at the time to deny its heinous involvement in starting the pandemic. We now know, of course, too, the virus almost certainly came from a lab in Wuhan, that Dr Evil, a.k.a. Anthony Fauci, helped fund the gain of function research used to develop what essentially is a bioweapon, and Tedros himself was deep in the pocket the Chinese Communist Party.

Because President Trump had no interest in financing an international organization with US taxpayer money that was joined at the hip with Communist China and could not be relied on to protect the American people, he officially withdrew from the WHO on July 7, 2020. Three cheers for that.

Demonstrating once again that elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences, Joe Biden, in one of his first official acts as president, not only rejoined the WHO. He also appointed Fauci – the guy who started the pandemic to begin with – to represent the United States at the World Health Organization…

…Now we get down to the final elements that are most offensive and/or dangerous. For starters, Article 19 of the accord, commits every signatory to provide a certain percentage of their gross domestic product. Because America has the largest gross domestic product, American taxpayers will once again foot the bill for an international organization comprised of many countries that simply hate us.

Then we come now to Article 20 which establishes the Governing Body for this whole cluster you know what. This Governing Body will have a “supreme organ” – yep supreme organ – that will constitute the sole decision-making organ.” It will be composed of all the countries that are party to the organization  so this clause looks like one country one vote to me. 

Doing the math here, this clause means Somalia and the United States will have the same voting power even though the United States contributes hundred of times more than that of Somalia to financing this thing. Just like NATO, just like the United Nations, just like every international body that Uncle Sucker signed up for – we foot the bill and have far less say than we should have.

It gets worse: As the administrative organ of this accord, the organization will have two Presidents and four Vice-Presidents and, here’s the kicker, “if efforts to reach consensus are deemed by the Presidents to be unavailing, decisions may be taken by voting by the President and Vice-Presidents. In other words, all Communist China has to do to control this Governing Body is to do when it has done, for example, at the United Nations – stack the ruling deck with its people and then jam decisions up the wazoo of the American people.

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