O’Keefe Group Citizen Journalist Rewarded $1,000 For Video Showing Preferential Treatment For Trans Students At Surprising Place

A dedicated OMG Citizen Journalist showed initiative by purchasing their own camera and capturing a conversation with (private Catholic) University of St. Thomas Director of Residence, where they discussed the mountain of rule changes and preferential treatment provided to trans students when it comes to their housing accommodations.

For obtaining what founder and CEO James O’Keefe determined as “OMG worthy” content, the citizen journalist was rewarded with $1,000. Here is a breakdown of the interaction obtained on the undercover footage:

OMG Journalist: “She would go to the top (and skip the waitlist for dorms) because of her identity?” 
Director of Residence: “If..yes”
OMG Journalist: “Oh, so you charge less because she’s transgender?”
Director of Residence: (Shrugs and nods head accordingly)

The Director of Residence went on to state that the potential roommates of the trans students would NOT be notified of their roommate’s gender identity, and neither would the students parents.

OMG Journalists: “The other girls won’t know, right?” 
Director of Residence: “…We never will give that information.”