Survive The Next Bio Chem Weapons Attack

A massive explosion has blown open a Russian laboratory housing ebola, anthrax, smallpox and other biological weapons. While the contamination zone is relatively small, these diseases spread quickly and Patient Zero can share with many until be have Victim 1 million.

In addition, we have a crazy dictator who is always willing to show America that he’s poor but armed.

The media is rightly obsessed with North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. But the other story from the looney Communist regime is that they have thousands of tons of chemical and biological weapons – and they have already shown they are prepared to use them.

Just a few months ago four North Korean agents assassinated the estranged brother of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un using VX nerve agents. And, he’s not even the first family member the regime has killed using chemical weapons. In 1997, then-Leader Kim Jong Il assassinated his a family member who had dared to defect to South Korea.

Sadly, North Korea’s chemical and biological weapons also pose a threat to non-family members. In fact, they pose a threat to North Korea’s enemies, wherever they may be, but nowhere more than in the USA.

Not only does Kim Jung Il have the desire to use chemical and biological weapons against Americans on American soil — he has the ability to do so.

North Korean agents are already on the ground in the United States, and they have access to thousands of tons of chemical and biological weapons. They also have a blueprint. Since 1984 there have been at least eight chemical and biological weapons attacks on civilians by terrorists or cult groups. In “Survive The Next Chem/Bio Weapons Attack,” you are shown how to prepare for an attack, how to survive it, and what to do after.

North Korea is prepared for an attack. Are you?

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