Make Your Own Mud Room Mat


Cork is a very durable, eco-friendly, and available material that is also water-resistant, which makes it great for the laundry room or inside the house near exits, or even on your patio. Create a mat for the mudroom, on which you can store wet and dirty shoes, clothes, umbrellas, and the like. Hint: cut the corks in half as that make it more stable and you need fewer corks, using non-adhesive shelf liner with a grip bottom helps it stay in place and some people recommend boiling corks before doing crafts as it stops them crumbling. Boiling corks is stinky work.

I hope you have a lot of friends (for corks) and some time on your hands. The reason to make this bathmat is because you fell better about the recycling and it’s a nice natural look – it’s not the world’s most cost- or time-efficient product!