Carrying a firearm in your state


Firearm laws differ depending on which state you live in. Right now there’s a major gun showdown occurring in Maryland. Here’s a little background from the Baltimore Sun:

In March, a U.S. District Court judge struck down Maryland’s permitting law, ruling the requirement that applicants show “good and substantial reason” to carry a firearm was unconstitutional. The Maryland Attorney General’s Office appealed the decision, and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the law to stand while the case is resolved.

Right now Marylanders can own guns so long as they show that they have “good and substantial reason” for doing so. This sort of tortuous logic and red tape is typical of gun laws at the state level.

If you’re looking to be self-reliant when it comes to self-defense, you probably want to own a gun…or at least have considered it. If you’re wondering what your rights are, the NRA has a handy guide to state-by-state gun laws.