Basic Food Survival Kit – All from your local big box store

Here are ten things that you can do now that will make you better prepared than 90% of the population. And everything is available at your local shopping center – so it’s easy

1. Head to the nearest Wal-Mart, Kmart, Costco or big box store and pick-up 20 lbs. of white or brown rice and 20 lbs. of pinto beans. White rice has a better storage life while brown rice has more nutritional benefits – your choice.

2. While you’re there grab 5 lbs. mixed beans, 5 lbs. of white sugar, 5 lbs. of iodized salt, one gallon of olive oil (can be frozen to extend shelf-life), 5 lbs. oats, and 10 lbs. each of white or wheat flour and cornmeal.

3. Now head over to the canned foods and pick-up 20 cans of canned fruits and 20 cans of canned vegetables. Be sure to buy only those brands and contents you normally eat and nothing exotic. There’s no need to shock the senses.

4. Now over to the canned meats. Pick-up 20 cans of various meats, salmon, stews, spam and tuna. If you’re used to shopping for fresh meat and seafood you’re in for an eye-opener! Corned beef, SPAM, and canned chicken take a bit of getting used too but provide valuable nutrition. The canned fish usually work out fine in a casserole or salad.

5. Okay. Now to the to the peanut butter shelf and toss at least two 40-ounce jars in the cart. The listed shelf life is just over two years and each jar has over 6,000 calories. Peanut butter is an excellent instant survival food.

6. Over to the powdered drink mix and pick up two 72 ounce Tang Orange drink canisters  (they provide 100% of the US RDA vitamin C requirement per 8 oz. glass as well as valuable sugar calories). You will also discover that canned orange juice is still available and lasts for years.

7. Off to the vitamin and supplement aisle, pick up 400 tablets “one a day” multivitamin and mineral supplements. During an emergency you won’t be eating anything like normally and it’s foolish to run the risk of a deficiency just when you need your health the most.

8. Go to the camping aisle and pick up 4 five-gallon water containers. Fill with tap water as soon as you get back home. Use and recycle to keep it fresh.

9. While you’re there buy 250 rounds of ammunition for your primary defensive weapon. More if you can, but this will be a good start. Also get a good universal cleaning kit. And if you don’t know how to clean your weapon learn how to do so NOW!

10. And lastly, pick up the best LED flashlight(s) you can afford, along with extra batteries and bulb. Also grab two boxes of wooden matches and several multi-purpose lighters.

Don’t forget to date, use and rotate – remember first in first out.

What would you add to the list?