How to split hostas

It’s that time of year. Many gardeners need to hack back the hostas and spread them around the yard. So here’s a quick How-To guide, courtesy of my old chum, Sue Black:

How to split Hostas
HostasHostas are very hardy and are almost impossible to kill so don’t be afraid to take a sharp spade to them!I find it easiest to split them when they shoot  up about 4-5 inches before the leaves open. It is OK to split them after the leaves open  – just easier if you don’t have to keep lifting the leaves out of the way!
Take a sharp edged spade and dig down as deep as your spade, loosening the soil around as you go. Leave about a 3 inch perimeter around the plant so the roots are protected. Lift your hosta out  – it might need some extra muscle on the middle! (Try not to leave it out in the sun too long so the roots don’t start to dry)
Dig a hole as deep as the plant and about twice as wide in the place you are going to transplant. Water it well. If you have some bone meal handy throw a bit in – it helps the roots.
Take your spade and put the blade across where you are going to split the plant. Now stomp down hard on it – you might even need to jump on it! The roots are tough! Place the split plant into the previously dug hole and back-fill, tamping down the ground to get out the air pockets. Water well. Hostas grown quite quickly and once they are established they can be split every couple of years.

srctiny_360And here’s a quick video that shows you how, just in case you’re a visual type!