What to do: Extreme cases of hot and cold



  • Get the victim out of the heat.
  • Loosen tight clothing.
  • Remove perspiration soaked clothing.
  • Apply cool, wet cloths to the skin or spray mist with water.
  • Place very cold water in Ziplock bag and hold on back of neck
  • Fan the victim.
  • If victim is conscious, give cool water to drink.
  • Call 911 or local emergency number if victim refuses water, vomits, or starts to lose consciousness.
  • If victim suffers from sunburn, follow the care guidelines for treating burns.
  • Call 911 or local emergency number.
  • Administer first response care for any life threatening problems such as breathing difficulties.
  • Move the victim to a warm place if you can; handle gently.
  • Remove any wet clothing and dry the victim.
  • Warm the victim slowly by wrapping in blankets or putting on dry clothes including a hat.
  • Apply other sources of heat if available (chemical heat packs or hot water bottles) under the blankets.

Exposure to the cold


  • Cover the affected area.
  • Handle gently, don’t rub.
  • Soak affected part in warm water (not hot, about lOO-lO5°F should do it.)
  • Do not let the affected part touch the water container.
  • Keep in water until red and warm.
  • Don’t use a space heater, hair dryer, or other portable heating equipment direct on skin.
  • Avoid breaking blisters.
  • Bandage with dry, clean dressing.
  • Do not allow affected area to refreeze.
  • Do not allow victim to walk on thawed feet until all feeling has returned.
  • Call 911 or local emergency number to transport the victim to a medical facility.