Electricity shortages coming! Solar power is your brightest hope to keep the lights on

Sun and cloudAs you read this right now, President Obama is hell-bent on pushing through a cap-and-trade bill – or as it should be called, cap-and-kill.

His regulations will make it a crime for businesses and households to produce and use energy. He’s also going to whack up the price of energy to discourage us from using it (it’s part of a larger U.N. plot to erode American power through the application of a climate change treaty.)

We shall be forced to reduce our usage and allow the government to monitor what we do use.

The consequence is that the energy legislation coming down the pike will cause your home and office energy bills to skyrocket. The dirty little secret of cap-and-kill is that the average family will see their utility bills rise by $1,671 per year. Another estimate predicts home energy bills would increase by 40%.

You need to become electricity independent. That’s where solar power comes in.

Most people think of solar power as the province of loony environmentalists. But if you want to be completely self-reliant, nothing works better than a few solar panels. Coal and oil power plants come and go, but the sun will shine forever.

The single best thing you can do to avoid the coming electricity crisis is to “solarize” your home – make it completely functional on solar power. Solar panels are large and costly – the price of solarizing an average home is between $20,000 and $50,000.

But the benefits are even larger.

1. Say goodbye to your electricity bills. Imagine the hundreds of dollars you’ll save in utilities bills once you’re independent from the power companies.

2.  Research tax credits and other incentives. The federal and state governments offer substantial tax credits and rebates for those who purchase solar power. This should go a long way toward offsetting the cost of solarization.

3.  Sell back electricity to the power company. If you go solar, you may be able to sell any surplus electricity you have back to the utilities company. Contact your local power company for more information on this.

In an emergency on a massive scale, solar power will be absolutely crucial to survival.

In an emergency on a massive scale, electricity could be one of the first things to go. Terrorism, EMP attacks, and a perfect storm of economic bad news could all wreak havoc on America’s electrical infrastructure.

Fortunately, I’ve dug up a couple of solar-powered items that will be crucial in the event of a national emergency. Let’s maintain our self-reliance, and let’s keep it on the down low.UCAffiliateCreative-2 Solar power is silent. So you won’t advertise your power source to neighbors or roving gangs. Click on the links or images to go to a partner of ours, Solutions from Science, for these awesome solar products.

Solar-powered generator. You’ll need light during an emergency and a solar-powered lamp is the perfect
solution. These devices charge up on a sunny day, storing energy in a solar cell. Then they’re perfect for illumination when it gets dark, particularly if you’re worried about house fires that can result from candles or oil lamps.

UCAffiliateCreativeSun oven. Imagine being able to cook your food without electricity or a fire. Our friends at Solutions from Science have an oven that lets you do just that. Perfect for national emergencies, sun ovens will let you pasteurize meat, melt snow for drinking, bake bread, steam vegetables, and much more.