USA made at 84 MPG for only $6,800.

How about this little auto? By using a combination of lightweight materials and a unique aerodynamic body style, the three- wheeled vehicle will weigh slightly more than 1,200 pounds, roughly half of the average 2,400 pound vehicle today. Front-to-back two-person seating is the secret to the company’s high fuel efficiency along with being half the width of traditional passenger cars. Therefore, the Elio moves half as much air as a traditional passenger car, and wind drag is the single biggest factor impacting fuel economy during highway driving.

In addition, the car will be made here in the US.

  • Manufacturing facility is former General Motors Hummer H3 facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • 90% North American content that is re-engineered using proven and existing technology.
  • 1,500 direct US jobs will be created in Shreveport.
  • 1,500 US jobs will be created at our supplier partner companies.
  • These manufacturing jobs will create another 18,000 jobs across the country.

Safety is top priority.

Elio is engineered to meet the highest safety standards with a Safety Management System including three airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame, Anti-Lock Braking System, and 50 percent larger crush zones than similar vehicles.


Did you say a targeted $6,800* base price?

Standard features include A/C Heat, AM/FM Stereo, power windows, power door lock and auxiliary port. Elio’s 8-gallon tank can achieve up to 672-miles saving the average driver approximately $1,500 a year in fuel savings.

Blending fuel-efficiency, torque and power.

Elio Motors has partnered with the world-class team at IAV to design a completely new engine. The Elio features a fuel-injected, SOHC gas-powered, 3 cyl., .9 liter, liquid-cooled engine. The engine is 55 HP with 55 LB-FT of torque, has a top speed over 100 MPH, and goes 0-60 speed in 9.6 seconds.

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