Glock’s newest concealed carry weapon hits Paris but is more use here

A new concealed carry handgun from Glock, weighing just 16 ounces, is turning heads in Paris.

Glock G43“The 9 x 19, G43 is one of several firearms that Glock has brought to this year’s edition of Milipol in Paris. Milipol is a biennial event where tactical teams from around the world, law enforcement and military, shop for the very latest in homeland security tech and gear,” Fox News reports.

It is unlikely the French government will allow its own citizens to buy the G43, even after armed terrorists methodically executed over 100 unarmed victims in Paris.

But Americans can enjoy the newest Glock.

“A solution for everyday concealed carry requirements, the G43 has a single stack magazine that holds six rounds. This gun is tiny, just over six inches long and a little more than an inch wide. Including the magazine, it is about four and a quarter inches in height,” Fox News reports. “It has also been designed to be comfortable regardless of hand size. The trigger distance is only 2.6 inches, making it a great choice for those with smaller hands.