futureHAUS – pre-fab housing that’s super smart

VT HausAs part of an international challenge Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS research proposes an alternative to conventional construction: a pre-fab delivery method for assembling medium and high density urban housing which can be less expensive, safer, energy-efficient and of the highest quality.

Additionally, the advanced integrated electronics that we expect to have in our homes today can be immediately integrated into the construction and assembly process.

The FutureHAUS Kitchen is a modular “cartridge” prototype for this building process which explores the possibilities of prefabricated architectural components for a home.

The third phase of Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS, a just-completed bathroom, will be showcased in February in Las Vegas at North America’s premier annual kitchen and bath industry event. (Video below)

The project’s first phase, the FutureHAUS kitchen, created a buzz last year when it made its debut at last the same event — the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. This year’s three-day event starts today.

Just like the kitchen and living room, which was completed last summer, the bathroom explores ideas for the future that incorporates currently available cutting-edge appliance, newly created smart technology, and integrated accessible design.