Doomsday clock moves one more minute closer to a global nuclear war


Tiny SquirrelThe Squirrel says: Self-Reliance Central has brought you information before on a naturally occurring EMP but right now we’re growing concerned about the geo-political forces threatening our national security and the safety of the entire world. Just look at these recent videos, where concern is expressed from around the world, as well as here in the GOP nominee debates, about the rapid nuclear escalation in terror states who are acquiring atomic capabilities. The US is being forced to respond to an itchy and aggressive Putin in Russia, as well as watching for trouble brewing in the Middle East and South-East Asia. It’s worth noting that some of the tension is of our own making. The Iranian deal brokered by John Kerry and Samantha Powers is fragile, vulnerable and relies upon the good faith of the parties involved. Nothing that has happened to date suggests that fair play is in the lexicon on the Iranian governing regime. In fact, the hostility to Israel and the US (Great Satan) is palpable.

These days, worrying about a direct strike is just one of the fears we should have about nuclear arms. The big risk now is a nuclear weapon being exploded in low earth orbit (LEO) where most of the world’s communications satellites circle the earth in geo-stationary orbit. Just as on earth, these complex electrical machines would be instantly paralyzed and destroyed by the EMP caused in an atomic detonation. Instantaneously, the world would grind to a halt. No GPS for navigation aids (think planes, ships, emergency vehicles), no telecommunications, no banking, no power infrastructure, no sewerage, no water. It would be a nightmare while the world scrambles to fix itself, while maybe fighting a war.

From the hustings, Ted Cruz referred knowledgeably to the very real threat of a nuclear-deployed Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from an emboldened North Korea. This is not your 1960’s threat. This is modern and terrifying. Our society is based on mega systems that are intricately connected through power and communications infrastructure that absolutely relies upon each other to function. No longer do we have stand alone silos of capability. Everything is connected. When the first EMP hits LEO, the dominos will fall.

It’s time to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Start preparing for a blackout like you’ve never imagined. It could be months or years before life as we know it now is resumed. You’re going to need long-life food that’s protected securely – and ideally, secretly – as well as warmth, clean water, alternate sewerage arrangements, light, alternative medical arrangements, barter items, weapons and a good local network of similarly self-reliant friends, family and neighbors. The American Spirit could be challenged as never before, but through preparation and planning, you and your family should be able to make it.

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