Online safety – offline

Internet exchange pointDo you buy things off Craigslist or Facebook? Stubhub or Twitter? Do you feel a bit creeped out when you go to make the exchange? Do you worry you’ll be robbed or worse? Look at this and wonder whether you could ask your local PD to help out. And if they won’t, why not use their parking lot anyway?

This Police Department in Ohio now has an area in the PD parking lot where buyers and sellers can exchange items purchased over the internet.

The area is located where the officers park their cars at night, right in front of the PD main lobby, and is under 24-hour surveillance. There are parking spaces designated as an Internet Exchange Location and Police Vehicles Only, these areas can be used to exchange items.

With the increase in people buying and selling items online and through social media this police department wanted to make a location people where could feel safe making the exchange.

They understand that people feel hesitant about giving someone their home or work address or meeting them in a random parking lot and wanted to provide a location that was public, monitored and accessible.

If a buyer or seller is unwilling to meet you at this type of location to exchange items, you probably don’t want to be doing business with that person anyway.