Those silica gel packets? Don’t throw them out, use them everywhere!

Below are some ways to use those silica gel packets that come with everything these days. Don’t throw them out. Now you can start saving them and putting them to good use around your home! Regenerate the silica periodically, because once it is saturated it will not remove any more water. This can be done by drying it out on a radiator, in a microwave or in a cool oven.

Here’s how to get rid of unwanted moisture and fix your life!

Put a silica gel packet in the drawer and it will keep your silver from tarnishing!

Drop one in your gym bag, or in your sneakers. The packet will suck out the moisture, stop bacteria from growing in the moist environment, and prevent odor.

Damp towels? Store with some packets and  keep them free from odors and bacteria.

Replace your razor in a sealable container with a few silica bags, they will help keep it from rusting and becoming dull!

Replace the rice: If your phone gets dunked, put it in a Ziploc bag or container full of silica gel packets. They will absorb the moisture and restore your phone!

Silica GelKeep your powder, lipstick and eyeshadow fresh. Drop a few packets in your make-up purse.

Protect hard copies of your photos from fading by dropping a couple of packets in the shoebox with them. Also works for baseball and cigarette cards.

Keep dry goods dry. Tape silica gel packets to the inside of the lids or dry herbs and spices, rice, sugar, coffee creamer and anything else that clumps on you.

Special flowers? Keep that memento of a special occasion. Put your flowers into a sealable plastic container or bag with a few packets of silica gel.

We haven’t tried this, but the guy in the video says you should place a few packets on your dashboard to keep your windshield from getting foggy or streaky!