Wayne LaPierre: The Second Amendment guarantees all of our freedoms

NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre , took the stage at CPAC 2016 to speak on why “honest debate matters […] when it comes to the truth about firearms.” Liberals and the liberal media have perpetually been dishonest about firearms in America. Furthermore, LaPierre proclaimed that if Hillary Clinton wants to challenge the rights of American gun owners, the NRA won’t go down without a fight.

He urged the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland to stand up for freedom this November and take back the country. He said the most effective and surest way to defend freedom is found in four simple words — Thou Shalt Not Lie — and he promised that the NRA would continue to expose the liars about freedom as they’ve been doing for decades. Truth matters, LaPierre reminded, and he noted that Americans are seeing right through all of the Obama and Clinton schemes because they know a liar when they see one. The NRA chief concluded by encouraging everyone to rise up and make a difference — standing up for truth and freedom — in this election.

Watch his full speech below: