Another state allows conceal carry without a permit.

Conceal carryThe West Virginia Senate voted down a Governor’s veto to allow people over 21 to conceal carry their firearms without having a permit.

The law will come into effect on May 26, making West Virginia one of eight states to allow permit-less concealed carry. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming are so-called constitutional carry states. In Wyoming, the law applies to residents only. The legislation provides a $50 tax credit for anyone who voluntarily undergoes gun training and adults between the ages of 18-21 must still obtain a permit.

The West Virginia Senate President Bill Cole (R) gave this statement:

“The Senate today, in a broad bipartisan vote, defended the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding West Virginia citizens by overriding Governor Tomblin’s veto of House Bill 4145.

“This bill allows West Virginians to protect themselves without the government’s permission. It has been improved from the bill vetoed last year by creating three new criminal offenses. The new felony offenses come with tough penalties for using a concealed deadly weapon during the commission of a crime, and for carrying a concealed firearm if you are not legally permitted to do so. We are also creating an incentive for training courses, which I believe will go a long way to encourage people to be properly trained on the safe use of their weapons.

“I am proud of this version, and I am pleased that today we were able to stand up for the constitutional rights our citizens hold so dear.”