How to make powered alcohol



71+7OgZ3yFL._SX522_Mark Phillips invented a powered alcohol (Palcohol) for use when hiking. It was approved last year and should be available soon. Here he is addressing some concerns about the concept which has already been banned in some states. The practical reasons for having powered alcohol are real so I thought you’d be interested.

Make your own powered alcohol
If you want to make your own, how about adding your favorite¬†high-proof spirit to N-Zorbit? (It’s a fluffy substance made from tapioca starch that absorbs moisture and is edible. You can get it from Amazon).

Proof, as you know, is double the percentage of alcohol in a given liquor, so a 140 proof bottle is 70 percent alcohol. High proof is generally considered to begin at about 50 percent, or 100 proof, and goes as high as Everclear’s 190 proof. (More than that, and it would simply evaporate before your eyes).

Mix in a ratio of 1:3 alcohol to N-Zorbit. It will form a clumpy powder which you can sieve to make finer if you want. If you make it too sloppy, add more N-Zorbit. Once you have the powder you can lick it, carry it on hikes and rehydrate later, sprinkle it in food. Be careful, it’s alcohol so it’s flammable.