Is Facebook hiding messages from you? It was for me. Here’s how to find them.

Facebook-logoI read this article in the London Evening Standard (which I found on Facebook, naturally) describing how Facebook makes decisions about message sent to you within their Messenger App. Some messages don’t trigger a Notification alert.

The folder, designed to catch spam and unwanted messages, is part of the social media site’s Messenger app and desktop filtering system.

But many people discovering the Filtered Message Requests inbox have found messages they may have wanted to read, but never knew about.

After reading this article I went and looked for myself, and sure enough there were about 30 messages going back a few years. To be fair, most were correctly identified as spam, but two would have been relevant if I had seen them in 2015!

So how do you check? To open up the relevant inbox using the Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet, go to Settings (The cog symbol), click the People option, select Message Requests and enable the option to See Filtered Requests. And there they all are. Most will be people you never heard of, but check it carefully, especially if there are many years worth. Alternatively, go to from the web or through a desktop computer.