Could this spinal cord implant allow paralyzed individuals to walk again?

Oh wow! I found something I agree with the president about! Science is cool and this breakthrough is amazing.

Tonight (April 12) Obama will continue his weeklong stint as the guest presenter on the Science Channel. On Science Presents DNews (9pmET/PT), the POTUS will talk about this amazing new gizmo that comes from Australian scientists who have created a “bionic spinal cord” that could give paralyzed people the hope of walking again through the power of thought. This is the video below. It features a paralyzed rat who walks again.  “Science Presents DNews” is produced for Science Channel by Discovery Digital Networks.

This Wednesday, the White House will transform for the day into a hands-on showcase of student innovation: robots, prototypes, tools to help us fight climate change and cancer – all researched, built, and designed by the next generation of America’s scientists. On April 13th, President Obama will host his sixth and final White House Science Fair,