We’re not alone! Prepping is suddenly cool.

The apocalypse has become big business. And it’s getting bigger every day according to this article on realtor.com.

Safe rooms, bunkers, alternate power supplies, storage units, kevlar, bulletproof glass – if you’re wealthy you can prepare for anything!

“The business of disaster readiness is getting higher tech, higher priced, and way more geographically diverse, with state-of-the-art underground shelters tricked out with greenhouses, gyms, and decontamination units in the boondocks and the latest in plush panic rooms in city penthouses.”

Sales of safe (aka panic) rooms, where families can safely lock themselves away from most threats, are up 30% over the same time last year at Gaffco Ballistics, a Londonderry, VT–based installer which does much of its business in New York City, according to CEO Tom Gaffney. That’s driven in part by the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, CA, and Paris, he says.

Most of his safe rooms are actually fortified master bedrooms, with ballistic fiberglass–reinforced walls, a Kevlar-lined door that is purported to resist both bullets and sledgehammers, and bullet-proof windows—as well as a high-end alarm system that is designed to withstand burglars, rioters, and more.

He also turns home theaters into radiation-proof rooms where residents can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters while World War III rages on outside.

The rooms range from $250,000 to $1.5 million. (No one said paranoia came cheap.)


Panic room controls
Panic room controls. Photo: Gaffco Ballistics LLC

Pretty snazzy!