VIDEO: Best penetrating fluids and how to make your own


Learn how to make your own homemade penetrating fluid that works better than WD40, Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, Kroil, and most other penetrating fluids on the market. Not only does it work better, it is way cheaper to make and very easy to make. You just need Automatic Transmission Fluid and Acetone and mix them together in a 50/50 ratio. Watch how that turns out. And be careful!

Waterproof — like a sheep

imagesMost lubricants are based on mineral oils. But there are natural alternatives. Like lanolin, extracted form sheep’s wool. It’s a waxy excretion that repels water off their fleece. Extraction techniques can render it into solid or liquid form. (It’s a great hand and body moisturizer IF YOU”RE NOT ALLERGIC!) There’s a easy-to-use, environmentally friendly product called Fluid Film. This is used extensively in farming, lumber and marine environments. It won’t ignite when used on metal blades, it contains no solvents, phenols, heavy metals, arsenic, pcb’s, pc’s, tcdd’s or other dioxin related substances, but it smells funky!
Beyond WD-40: Lubes for the Home Shop (Great article!)