Gold – Standard Issue

By Rich Checkan

This is the third in ASI’s series on how precious metals were used through history to save threatened lives and lifestyles. Look at the picture of the soldiers’ kits and imagine how comforting these would be at your side in rough times.

Imagine what it would be like to be a pilot in wartime, shot down behind enemy lines.  Your goal – escape, evade and find your way to friendly forces.

Of all the items at your disposal in your survival kit – standard issue for all pilots – which do you think would be the most helpful?  Iodine tablets to make non-potable water fit for consumption?  First aid kit?  Fishing line and hooks.

How about British Gold Sovereign coins?

More so than anything else, these gold coins could be the difference between surviving or perishing.  More recently, during the Gulf War, servicemen were issued Gold Sovereigns for emergency food, shelter and safe conduct.

Of course, you don’t have to be a soldier, seaman, airman or marine to see the power of gold and silver in a survival situation.  I have been exposed to large numbers of people who either fled tyranny directly or had parents who did so with the help of Gold Sovereign coins stitched into the hems of their clothing.  Countless ordinary people, like you and me, fled Hitler’s Nazi Germany in this manner.

Since before the Roman Empire, people could barter for food and shelter with precious metals. They were the basis of all official currency.  They were and still are true money recognizable anywhere in the world.

As the ‘War on Cash’ unfolds before our eyes, you can take steps now to protect your hard-earned wealth while maintaining a shred of your privacy.

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