So cool! Transforming Mobile Homes

Most of us love the idea of being able to get out of Dodge. Well this method looks like a good way to take your home with you! Still in concept stage, from a forward-looking company in Russia these homes and offices start out looking like a semi truck, with the roof snuggly fit over the top of it. Once you start the transformation process, the walls and flooring pop out and everything starts to take shape. In the double-decker version of the home, there’s even a second floor to provide extra space.

The single-story version of the transformer mobile home is 1,500 square-feet, and the two story option is a whopping 2,690 square-feet.

The walls are made of wood, are about 15-cm thick and are reinforced with steel plates. The home runs on a diesel generator and there are hook ups for electricity, plumbing and water.

Of course, you’d need a separate truck for all your belongings but you get the idea. And remember it’s only a concept. Meantime we’ll just have to save up for those luxury RVs!