Crazy rules “Down Under” – Can you match them?


One ‘Fine’ Day is video #1 of the ‘Lifestyle Regulation Madness’ series from our Australian social commentator, Topher Field. I love him because he’s a great survivalist and activist. He’s always trying to get the government off his back and in this video he makes a great point about the stupid, dumb laws in Australia and New Zealand. (Of course, it’s just the same here!)

It’s a really fun series, and very shareable. Each video in the 6 part series will poke fun at different ways in which the Nanny State tries to run or ruin our lives.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share each video in the series far and wide, and subscribe to his email list and Facebook page to be kept up to date with everything!

Oh, and leave your pet peeve about dumb rules and regs in the Comments below. I know you’ve got one!