Dental Tourism – A viable and cost-saving alternative

Medical tourism is mini-implants-denturesso popular in the United States that an average of 150,000 people travel abroad every year for a procedure. The lion’s share of these treatments are for dental work.

Dental insurance is often a luxury held only by the lucky few who are willing to shell out hundreds more every year. Dental care is also extremely expensive. A simple tooth filling can run you anywhere from $200-$300 in addition to the costs of other treatments you might need.

It’s no wonder that dental tourism to other countries has become so popular in the United States. The most common destination is Latin American countries where the dentists often have the same amount of training, but will charge you a fraction (around one-fourth) of the price.

The most common site for dental tourism is Ciudad Juarez, right over the Mexican border from Texas. Reputable dentists in Juarez are easy to come by and will charge you a fraction of the price for your treatment. Dental tourism to Juarez has become so common that many offices will send a car to pick you up at the Mexican border. Just make sure you thoroughly research your dentist beforehand to make sure he’s qualified and that he can turn around built pieces like crowns quickly. Most can do this in a day or two.

  • Want to have a look at some clinics near the Texas/Mexico border? Use What Clinic. There are over 8000 reviews to help you make your choice.
  • There’s also Tripout this one which even included pick up from the El Paso airport in Texas to help get across the border into Juarez.

And after years of being warned about traveling to Juarez it seems the place is now safe and welcoming. (Back in 2010, the city was rocked by violence throug an ongoing war between the Mexican government and local drug cartels.) Other Mexican destinations for dentistry include Tijuana and Yuma.

Other popular destinations for dental tourism include Costa Rica and Panama. The website can help you determine which dentists and doctors are safe, reputable, and low-cost. Just make sure you factor in everything. Dental tourism isn’t a good option for you if you’re spending more for airfare and travel expenses than for the actual treatment.