Yes, North Korea CAN attack US, and here’s how they’ll do it

Poster in North Korea classroom. Photo: DEF cc0

With U.S. naval forces engaging in joint training exercises with South Korea off the Korean peninsula, North Korea has stepped up its nuclear threats.

The socialist regime announced this week they would not rule out a first-strike nuclear attack on the United States should they feel threatened.

“The US has nuclear weapons off our coast, targeting our country, our capital and our dear leader, Kim Jong Un. We will not step back as long as there’s a nuclear threat to us from the United States,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s Institute for American Studies announced.

“If we see that the US would do it to us, we would do it first,” North Korea says. “We have the technology. We have to have nuclear weapons to protect our country, and it’s our policy to go nuclear.”

North Korea already has a stockpile of over 20 nuclear warheads, and is testing and developing missiles capable of striking the United States.

Developing nuclear missiles, and using them against the United States, is so ingrained in North Korea propaganda elementary school classrooms have light-up maps showing the country’s nuclear weapons facilities. On Wednesday, children attend “Party Education” classes where they are taught American soldiers routinely rape Korean women and set fire to babies.

But the severity of a North Korean nuclear strike is surpassed by the possibility Pyongyang could choose to instead attack with its more highly-developed computer hacking and electromagnetic pulse devices.

Even a partially unsuccessful attack could lead to widespread disruptions to power, electronics and banking inside the United States.

You should already be taking these precautions in the event of a tornado, wildfire or unexpected earthquake.

* Keep a small amount of cash on hand to handle purchases in the event bank networks are down.

* Keep non-perishable food and potable water on hand, in the event you are suddenly unable to travel due to road conditions or electronic failure.

* Invest in a hand-crank radio, or keep plenty on batteries on hand.