Top Ten Skills For Preppers

This guy is great. He’s a real-life “Plan for the worst, hope for the best” guy. He’s a realistic dude who wants to help practical preppers with real-world problems like storms, losing a job, etc.

His first video, “How to start prepping” can be seen here and it’s a quick primer for people starting out on the prepper lifestyle.

In the video below, he kicks it up a notch and rather than recommending “things” he deals with the “doing” you need to master. As he runs through this list of essential qualifications you can check to see how qualified you are to survive a long period of discomfort. It’s a longish video, so allocate some time to hear him out. He’s usually a gun guy but here he’s offering some other advice.

1. Organization
2. Frugality
3. Risk Assessment
4. First Aid
5. Cooking
6. Gardening
7. Food Preservation & Storage
8. Basic Construction & Home Maintenance
9. Communications
10. Interpersonal Skills