Extreme Winter Survival Vehicle Kit

This self-help preparedness video was inspired by the story of a family in NW Nevada which in 2013, was stranded in their vehicle for 48 hours in -21 degree temperatures and their story of survival. If you are traveling ANYWHERE there might be snow, you need to follow its advice. (Oh, and he forgot to mention a first aid kit. You need that.)

James Glanton, 34, his girlfriend, Christina McIntee, 25, their two children, a niece and a nephew, never returned after driving into the mountains of northern Nevada one Sunday afternoon to play in the snow.

This is how the story was reported:


  • The family’s Jeep Grand Cherokee drove over an embankment and flipped over on Sunday. Chris Montes, a member of the rescue team, said the family wasn’t lost but figured someone would come to its aid.
  • The family members knew a search team was looking for them because they could hear whistling and saw choppers flying overhead, Montes said.
  • As they waited for help, Montes said the adults built a fire, which they kept fueled for two days. When the family was located, Montes said the kids were “bundled up and in good shape.”
  • A search team followed tracks on the road, which led them to footprints. Using binoculars, Montes said they were able to see the family’s overturned Jeep.
  • Dr. Douglas Vacek of Pershing General Hospital said the entire group, including the four children, who range in age from 3 to 10 years old, did not suffer frostbite.
  • Montes and Vacek both credited Glanton for taking care of his family as temperatures dipped below zero. Vacek said the entire group is in “amazing condition considering what they’ve been through.”