Mom’s shotgun turns this home invader into a marathon runner


You can either be a gun owner or you can be a victim. Just ask a Florida mom who singlehandedly stopped a home invader with the family shotgun — and she didn’t even fire a single round:

Police in Miami Gardens are looking for a man caught on surveillance footage breaking into a local woman’s home on March 4. The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, poked the barrel of her shotgun out the front door as the man sprinted for a stolen Mercedes-Benz that police found afterward.

“I will do anything to protect my family,” the woman told an ABC affiliate on Tuesday. “All of the sudden I hear some banging noise. I thought it was my dreams or something. They were screaming and crying hysterically, because they were afraid of anything happening.”

The woman said the only reason she didn’t blast the guy away was because she didn’t want to traumatize her children.

Watch the video below: