Prosecutors announce decision on man who killed three burglars with AR-15

Photo: Mitch Barrie/Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0)

There’s been another victory for the Second Amendment and home defense. An Oklahoma district court ruled Monday that a man who fatally shot three home intruders with an AR-15 acted within the law and will not be charged:

During the investigation [into the shooting], authorities also learned that earlier in the day the group of suspects broke into a detached garage on the same property. They stole liquor and electronics from the garage, then returned to the home around noon and kicked in a door to gain access inside. [Wagoner County Sheriff Chris] Elliott said the three suspects were all wearing masks, hoodies, and gloves and two of them were armed with weapons – a pair of brass knuckles and a knife.

However, as they forced their way into the home, 23-year-old Zachary Peters, who was home alone at the time of the break-in, heard the commotion, grabbed an AR-15, and opened fire on the intruders. Peters placed a call to 911, and deputies arrived on the scene within four minutes.

Sadly, suspects Maxwell Cook, 19; Jacob Redfearn, 17; and Jaykob Woodruff, 16, were all pronounced dead at the scene. A fourth suspect, 21-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, was later arrested and charged with burglary, as well as three counts of felony murder as her accomplices were killed during the commission of a felony.

As Elliot pointed out in a press conference, it was the suspects’ poor choices that got them killed:

“Life is about choices. Consider your choices very carefully before you act on them, because if you make a poor choice, you could find yourself in a bad situation. And the facts in this case are very solid. These individuals chose to go to this house, they chose to break into this house, they chose to forcibly enter into the house. And because of those decisions, they lost their life.”