You should know this: Self defense with everyday items

Image: CC0 Public Domain

Every Day Items – Powerful Weapons

By the time you have finished reading this article, you will see the world and the items that surround you in a very different way. Natural weapons are all around you – you just have to know what to look for.

Start thinking about, and looking for, natural weapons that you can use against an attacker. What do we mean by natural weapons? Natural weapons are things that were not designed to be used to hurt/kill people, but could be used effectively for self-defense.

Make a game out of looking for natural weapons to use for defending yourself. Weapons like, keys, cords, rope, sand, dirt, a stick, a rock, liquids, powders of all kinds, and even the corner of a hard book can be used. Now that you know what to look for…

Take a look around, right now. See if you can find just five items that you could use as a weapon. Look for:

  • anything sharp, like a pen, to poke and stab with
  • things that are flexible to wrap around an attacker’s neck and strangle with
  • liquids that would sting if they got in an attacker’s eyes: vinegar, sprays, soaps etc.

Developing this habit (skill) can make all the difference in the world when you are under attack. Take the time to practice, and have some fun with it.


A fun way to find and use natural weapons

Turn it into a game! When you are waiting for a bus, train, or plane. Whenever you are waiting in a line with other people, play the following game…

Find five items, then picture in your mind, ways to use each of them against the people around you. Aim for sensitive parts of their bodies like their eyes, temple, ears, throat, nose, jaw, chin, groin, knees, feet, and the top of the stomach just below the rib cage, in the middle (solar plexus). Remember, make it fun!

Make what you picture, silly and exaggerated with lots of violence. Get used to finding things that can be used as weapons. If your visualizations are boring, you will lose interest in the game, so keep it lively.


Your keys

Your house or car keys make great weapons, and importantly, you will often have them with you, and in a very handy place – your pocket. Using your keys for self-defense is unknown to most people, making them powerful weapons when you know how to use them.

Hold the key as if you are going to open a lock, but hold it MUCH tighter. Aim to strike the following sensitive parts of an attacker’s body:

  • Eyes – only in extreme situations (you may run into trouble with the law).
  • Throat – only in extreme situations (you may run into trouble with the law).
  • Ribs – hard and fast.
  • Solar plexus – hard and fast.
  • Groin – hard and fast (requires slightly different grip).

Imagine yourself striking more than once, and in more than one place. You can and should use natural weapons with other strike techniques.

Remember: only use these skills if your life is in danger!