Potty Mouth Jonathan Pie is confused. “Socialism Strikes Back”


How British Liberals have reacted to yesterday’s election result in the UK. What happened? Theresa May called an election seeking a “personal mandate.” This was because former prime minister David Cameron stood down following the Brexit vote, which he had not supported, and May was hastily made PM. She began the short campaign over 20 points ahead in the polls, ran a disastrous and arrogant campaign, and last night surrendered the Conservative majority in the House of Commons. She will (at least for the time being) form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland who had a good night at the polls. They are, and always have been, virulently opposed to the European Union.

Meanwhile the crypto-Communist and terrorist-supporting Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn managed to galvanize the youth base and the urban elites and scare the pants of the Conservatives by bringing in enough seats to create a “hung” Parliament.

Jonathan Pie is delighted. And confused. And even more foul-mouthed than ever (how can that be possible???) Please DO NOT WATCH if you are offended by very bad language.