My Hometown is Gone.


I’m sure that social justice warriors would call me out for featuring this article on the grounds I’m being racist or anti-multi-cultural or whatever BS they can come up with to stoke the fires of their perpetual indignation but this story really made me think. When did the original residents get consulted before importing so many people from alien cultures? NOTE TO CRITICS: IT’S A REASONABLE QUESTION!

Self-reliance is about more than prepping for a storm, it’s about prepping for whatever life can throw at you. And we need to be ready for everything, including the occupation of our homes. 

In this article, “My Hometown is Gone,” Loretta Brady, who describes herself as a Christian, American, Gen-X, Stayhome Mom, Attorney was raised in Utica, NY. She left for a while and returned. Her childhood was spent in the American Dream, a large Catholic family playing across yards with other families. Her family went “way back” and had been stalwarts of the community.
(William P. Cannon/Utica Observer-Dispatch) CC BY-ND 2.0

Go here and read her whole story. See how she couldn’t get food stamps but the refugees could, see how housing went first to refugees, see how these groups would not integrate with the community. And read how Loretta wept when she moved to North Carolina and went to a Walmart full of — Americans.

This story of how a faded town is being sold out in order to fulfill the Liberal ambition of destroying Western civilization, and change America for ever will really make you think.

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