VIDEO: Texas ranchers battle 10 foot gator

Roping a gator is just like roping cattle, except you aim lower.

At least that’s what three Hawkins, Texas cattle ranchers learned when they had to take down a ten-foot-long alligator that apparently hoped to make a hearty meal of their calves.

The showdown was caught on video.

Texas ranchers have seen, and can deal with, nearly everything, so they simply roped the beast.  The video shows one rancher expertly lassoing the hissing animal with a whip of the wrist.

“He was a dangerous one,” rancher Hal Conover told FOX 4. “But he was leaving the place — dead or alive.”

In the process of tying down the gator, one rancher was bitten.  Even with the most powerful bite of any animal on Earth, at a literal bone-crushing 3,000 pounds per square inch, he suffered only a flesh wound.

“He done bit me to the bone.  Oh, well,” the man says.

The animals was hauled away to a local gator farm by a licensed wrangler.