Day Two: Guns and Whiskey (And William Shatner)

I saw comedian Lou Perez on Day Two of FreedomFest 2017. He works with We, The Internet. In this spoof video “Burglars for Gun Control” he tackles the Second Amendment and your right to defend your home. In actual fact, this story is based in reality. The mother in this sketch is based on the wife of a serving military member who left her with a firearm in case of an emergency. Watch how humor can make a point that hectoring can’t. It’s funny – but it’s true. And it’s how freedom lovers are talking to young people.

And at Anthem, the movie event that runs at FreedomFest, I saw this movie from the Competitive Enterprise Institute that is one of the short films they are making that are based on the famous work “I, Pencil” which tells the story of this humble item of office stationery and explains how no one person could make a pencil cheaply and efficiently as it relies on so many people and complex operations. It’s interesting for self-reliant people. While we always trying to work out how we can exists independently, we also know that we could one day rely on the free exchange of skills in order to survive a deathly event.

It’s a fun seven-minute watch. And they gave us a tot to savor while we watched!

The day ended with our keynote speaker, William Shatner. What a lovely man he is and what a bundle of energy at 86! He talked about the ups and downs of his life, about missed opportunities and about his love of horses. In fact, he had just been competing in a rein horse competition. At a special reception we all got to take our photo with him and he gave us a signed copy of his latest book. “Spirit of the Horse.”