Man uses fan (and dog) to catch thousands and thousands of mosquitos

Dan Rojas trapped 8,000 mosquitoes in two nights using this Mosquito trap by adding seltzer water CO2 as an off-the-shelf and recyclable attractant. (You can also use a pet, or farm animals – don’t worry they won’t get bitten.)

He uses high-powered industrial fans Рavailable at a hardware store for upwards of $100 Рa leaking seltzer bottle, and mesh held in place with rare-earth magnets (strong bond, powerful enough to resist the fan). The mesh catches bugs, pollen, leaves etc.

  • He uses meshes on industrial-strength fans to trap the mosquitoes en masse
  • CO2 from a seltzer bottle or the breath of his dog Rocky acts as bait for the bugs
  • Rubbing alcohol is then sprayed on the trapped critters to kill them quickly
  • It evaporates leaving no residue – so lizards and ants can eat the bodies

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