Carol was slaughtered by her ex-boyfriend, after the State denied her gun rights

Image: Facebook

When Carol Bowne’s former boyfriend vowed to slaughter her, she did the right thing. She bought and had installed security systems and surveillance cameras.  She called police to warn them, then applied with the state of New Jersey for a permission slip to own a gun so she could defend herself.

Carol did everything she could to save her life.  Anti-gun politicians, however, aided and abetted her murdered.

Despite the restraining order against him, her ex-boyfriend would hunted her down and slashed her to death in her front yard.

She was still waiting on the State for permission to save her life.

Carol applied for permission to save her life on April 21, 2015.  Under New Jersey law her application was required to have been issued within 30 days.  She should have been issued her permission slip on May 21.  Instead, a defenseless Carol was murdered on June 3, 43 days after she applied for the permit.

Laws requiring permission slips to own guns are a psychopath’s best friend, which is why Constitutional Carry laws are sweeping the nation.

Gun Owners of America Executive Director Erich Pratt has that story, and more, in this edition of GOA’s new podcast, “Firing Back.”


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