So cool! Henry Arms and the 1,000 man shoot!

I love Henry Arms. I like their Holiday catalog better than I like the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book – you know, the one with the $480,000 Rolls Royce and the $1,600,000 New Years’ Eve party! I love, love love Henry firearms.

So I loved this!!!

On Monday, November 14th 2016, 1000 proud shooters from 16 states stood side-by-side in a line spanning a mile and a half long and simultaneously fired two shots from a commemorative Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Edition .22 caliber rifle under the close supervision of the NRA. Man! It was cool to see. (Video above shows the short version of it!)

Henry donated the custom engraved rifles and all proceeds went to support NRA initiatives, including those targeted towards promoting Firearms Safety, Youth Shooting Sports, Disabled Shooters, and the Eddie Eagle Child Safety programs, as well as the NRA’s unwavering efforts to protect our country’s Second Amendment rights.

Can you imagine the sound of 1,000 rounds of .22 LR echoing off the backdrop of desert hills? Awesome!

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I promise, you may not want a $1.6 million NYE party, but so will sure as heck want a Henry rifle. (Can you take a hint, Santa!)

Here’s the FULL DOCUMENTARY if you want to relive the event!