Bee hive under the bed? No problem


This was a VERY unusual bee removal/relocation. To start with, I was revisiting a job site that I had removed bees from back in the beginning of March of this year, I went to scout the job back in late August, and I was expecting to find the bees in the same spot that I pulled them from in March. However, they were located in the wall space directly below from where I removed them previously. When I got to the site last Saturday, I was expecting to pull bees from a wall, but much to my surprise, they had migrated to the same spot I had removed the last hive from. Well, I got all my gear, brought it up the stairs and set up. Now this is where it gets really unusual, the job went exactly as planned. That includes getting the queen, framing all the comb, vacuuming all the bees, relocating the bees, and then releasing them. Not once during the entire wrangling episode was I stung until I mentioned the Dirt Rooster’s name. As soon as his name passed over my lips,BAM!!! right on the tip of my nose. I suppose the moral of the story is this, if things are going really well for you in your wrangling adventure, simply mention the words ” Dirt Rooster,” and the whole operation will head South real quick. Thanks for watching. God’s peace to all. Mr. Ed