Deputy Dawg saves his human partner

When he stopped to make a welfare check on a car parked up by the side of the road,ย Deputy Todd Frazier was not anticipating a brush with death. Nor that his K9 partner, Lucas of the Hancock County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Department, would save him. The Deputy was lucky. Of the four cars in the Department, just two had been fitted with the remote access device for the K9 door.

While being beaten and cut with a box cutter, Deputy Frazier managed to press the remote. That launchedย Lucas like a ballistic missile and he rescued his deputy from the ambush attack by three men. The suspects got away. Bleeding. And with chunks missing.

If you have an attack dog, it’s worth remembering that your key fob should be close by, or you leave your vehicle doors open when you decide to be the Good Samaritan on a dark byway. Remember, this is a popular scam. Once you’re out of your car, these ambushers will steal it leaving you by the side of the road like an idiot. And if the door is open, at least your dog can jump out.